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Treasure Rare

  • Category Anti-Aging Skincare Brand
  • GoalEnhancing Instagram Profile
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Strategic Solutions

The collaboration with Treasure Rare led to a strategic enhancement of their Instagram profile, leveraging various tools and techniques to bolster customer engagement and drive sales. Here’s how the implementation unfolded:

  • + Creation of visually appealing content and the development of a user-friendly shopping landing page.
  • + Integration of AI-driven chatbots provided instant customer assistance, automated FAQs, and personalized recommendations, enhancing user experience and streamlining communication.
  • +Targeted advertising and proximity-based incentives, optimizing promotional efforts to reach specific demographics and drive foot traffic to physical stores.
  • + Delivering high-quality images and videos across Instagram stories, reels, and IGTV, fostering meaningful connections with audience and amplifying brand visibility.
  • + Utilizing customer insights gathered through chatbot interactions, offering exclusive offers and personalized recommendations, catering to individual preferences and fostering brand loyalty.
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The results were impressive

+ 25% increase in foot traffic.
+ 40% growth in Instagram engagement.
+ 21% improvement in conversion rates.
+ 18% increase in sales revenue.
+ 87% customer satisfaction with chatbot interactions.

Through a combination of captivating content, personalized interactions, and targeted promotions, Treasure Rare successfully achieved its business objectives and cultivated a highly satisfied customer base.

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