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Orogold UAE

  • Category Cosmetic Brand
  • GoalIncrease Sales in 2 branches out of 5 luxury malls
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Strategic Solutions

The agency’s collaboration with Orogold UAE aimed to boost sales in two branches among five luxury malls. The objectives focused on acquiring new customers and enriching the CRM with quality leads. Here’s how the agency’s solutions translated into results:

  • + Collaborated with influencers to showcase the Skin Analysis process at Orogold JBR & Yas Mall.
  • + Offered a complimentary Skin Analysis exclusively at these 2 branches, encouraging users to complete a contact form.
  • + Implemented a proactive call center approach to schedule the complimentary Skin Analysis appointments.
  • + Conducted Skin Analysis by skin experts and provided personalized skin solution recommendations.
  • + Integrated lead data, including skin type, into the CRM for tailored content delivery.
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The results were impressive

+ Averaged 30 new leads daily.
+ Achieved an average of 11 leads into daily Skin Analysis appointments.
+ Converted an average of 4 daily buyers.
+ Daily sales from leads reached an average of 10,500 Dirhams.

Through strategic collaboration and innovative approaches, the agency successfully helped Orogold UAE meet its objectives and drive sales growth in targeted branches, delivering measurable results and enhancing customer engagement.

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