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  • GoalIncrease awareness and attract participants to open demo trading accounts
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Strategic Solutions

One Financial Markets initiated the KSA Trading Academy Campaign with the objective of recruiting and educating Saudis about trading in the Forex market, focusing on increasing awareness and promoting financial education. Here are the key highlights of the campaign:

  • + Cash Prizes: The top three performers in the demo trading competition received significant cash rewards and an exclusive opportunity to attend a prestigious Meta trading conference in Dubai.
  • + Academy Enrollment: The KSA Trading Academy experienced a surge in enrollments, witnessing a substantial increase in the number of Saudi participants eager to enhance their trading knowledge.
  • + Demo Account Openings: The trading competition led to a notable uptick in the number of demo trading accounts opened by participants, reflecting heightened interest in trading activities.
  • + Financial Education: The campaign stimulated interest in financial education among Saudis, with a growing number seeking knowledge about trading strategies and market dynamics.
  • + Trading Community: Participants experienced a sense of camaraderie and community spirit, fostering knowledge sharing and collaboration within the trading community.
  • + Utilized CRM with automated personalized content based on leads' interactions, ensuring tailored engagement.
  • + Invested 25,000 AED monthly, totaling 100,000 AED over four months.
  • + Targeted high-end users interested in similar services.
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The results were impressive

+ Leads Generated: 7,140
+ Demo Accounts Opened: 672
+ Academy Enrollment: 328

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