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NMC Women’s Royal Hospital

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  • GoalRaise awareness and inspire women
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Strategic Solutions

The NMC Women’s Royal Hospital celebrated International Women’s Day with a strategic campaign aimed at raising awareness and inspiring women. Through a series of targeted initiatives, including a social media competition and an engaging Instagram campaign, we successfully achieved NMC objectives:

  • + Implemented a lead-generating landing page to capture participant details for future engagement, thereby building a valuable database.
  • + Crafted a compelling Instagram campaign featuring inspiring stories and achievements of women, utilizing high-quality visuals and compelling storytelling to engage the target audience.
  • + Increased public awareness of inspiring women and encouraged early "pregnancy blood tests."
  • + Created awareness about the importance of early pregnancy blood tests.
  • + Extended audience reach to friends of current fans.
  • + Expanded the fan base of targeted women.
  • + Captured leads through the landing page for CRM nurturing.
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The results were impressive

+ 1,200 new followers gained on Instagram.
+ 671 leads successfully captured for CRM nurturing.
+ 500 likes and 200 comments generated on campaign posts on Instagram.
+ Awareness and appointments for early pregnancy check-ups increased by 12%.
+ Facebook fans increased by 3.2% with a 30% boost in engagement.

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