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Kai Life Clinic Dubai

  • Category Skin care clinic
  • GoalAttract Luxury clientele
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Strategic Solutions

The Kai Life Clinic Dubai Social Media Campaign aimed to generate high-quality leads from social media platforms at a reduced cost, specifically targeting luxury clientele. The agency employed a strategic approach to achieve this:

  • + Leveraged Instagram as the primary platform for the campaign.
  • + Created high-relevance content tailored to the luxury segment, focusing on showcasing luxurious treatments, highlighting success stories and client testimonials, and offering behind-the-scenes glimpses of the clinic.
  • + Implemented external link lead ads exclusively to drive traffic and conversions effectively.
  • + Established a dedicated call center to engage with leads on a daily basis, enhancing customer communication and conversion opportunities.
  • + Utilized CRM with automated personalized content based on leads' interactions, ensuring tailored engagement.
  • + Invested 25,000 AED monthly, totaling 100,000 AED over four months.
  • + Targeted high-end users interested in similar services.
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The results were impressive

+ Generated 2,430 leads.
+ Converted at an 11% rate.
+ Acquired 264 new customers.
+ Achieved total sales of 295,400 AED.

With a focus on high-relevance content, external link lead ads, and personalized interaction through a call center and CRM, the campaign successfully generated a significant number of leads, converted new customers, and drove impressive sales figures.

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